In a former life, I was heading towards being a Developing World Water Engineer! I had completed a Masters degree in Fiji, and nearly signed on to a Doctorate at Loughborough University to lead a project in Zanzibar, but my baptism in the UK and music passions took over.

Whenever I have been able to connect our music with this type of work, it has been a huge privilege and pleasure, eg touring with Tearfund and World Vision.

When sitting by a fountain with my great Finnish mate Jussi Miettinen at his home one European summer, we came up with the basic premise of ‘Well of life’, that we come to draw living water from Jesus, like the woman at the well in the Bible story, and we may be well when we drink deep.

Once we had cut the track on our Endlessly album featuring amazing playing from Teemu Viinikainen, again the legendary Nikki Denholm set her staggering photos to the track, both from her adventures in Africa and Asia.

Drink deep and be well!

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