‘full of space… full of meaning… uncluttered and real’

When did music lose its innocence?

Sure there have always been streams of the music industry that have been pushing the boundaries and that’s great but doesn’t it seem that everything has just been condensed down to love and hate?

It’s like we have taken the prized bull and boiled it up until all we have is an OXO cube… do we really want beef stock rather than the bull itself?

To a point, we can expect that from the secular music industry… cliche after cliche, remix after remix of a song that used to be famous when people still used to play music and sing music as if it was a craft that was about connecting people rather than just making a quick buck… with the sole focus to make people famous.

I can understand that from the secular music industry… but when did our church music become so obvious and bland?

I’ve listened to Kiwi singer/songwriter and worship leader David Lyle Morris for a couple of years now… and the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘innocence’.

David has this amazing ability to craft songs that would have stood alongside the great artist such as Air Supply, James Taylor and Carole King. His writing is honest, it’s heartfelt, it’s thoughtful and with the fear of sounding condescending, I am tempted to use the word ‘sweet’.

In fact, the first time I saw him lead worship with just an acoustic guitar, I closed my eyes and I could almost imagine what it might have been like to worship with King David (if he played a guitar not a harp!)… there is a real authenticity that some people try to mimic but that you just can’t fake, and when you are around David Lyle Morris you just know that his heart is to help turn your eyes to God.

The album ‘Endlessly’ is a well-crafted album and the album starts with ‘Start of something new’ a song for his co-writer Anders Liljeström’s boy Eino. It’s a really honest song talking about the excitement and the forward-looking nature of a Dad excited to share in the first moments with his son and the legacy that the Father wants the son to take up… Lines like “This is the start of a family tree, you’re the little branch under me” show the simplicity of David and Andrers’ lyrics while at the same time casts great imagery.

In fact, this album is full of so much imagery, and not in a daunting and heavy way but in a way that helps you relate with the song. In fact, it really enhances the songs. Songs like ‘Caledonia Girl’ reminds me of James Taylor… the storytelling, the melodic way that the music draws you into the story.

Endlessly is an honest album… Songs like ‘Open my eyes’ really start to showcase the pureness of David’s vocals and the team around him just gently push, and nudge the song to enhance its colour.

Do you know what an album sounds like when you can tell that each instrument and layer and nuance of the song is there to make the other instruments sound better?.. it sounds like ‘Endlessly’.

It’s full of space… it’s full of meaning… it’s uncluttered and real.

Maybe David Lyle Morris is New Zealand’s own shepherd worship leader?

Maybe David is our new contemporary version of David the shepherd boy?


Chris Geldard

All songs registered for worldwide cover with PRS for Music (UK) and Teosto in Finland and CCLI International
All David’s songs © Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckland, 1149, New Zealand


David Lyle Morris: lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Nina Åström: vocals on I will be holding your hand
Teemu Vinikainen: acoustic and electric guitars
Markus Vainiamäki: drums, keyboards, bass and BVs
Anders Liljeström, guitars, vunukka
Matti Rantala, acoustic bass
Nelli Petro: background vocals
Sanna Voipio: cello

Produced by Markus Vainiamäki & Anders Liljeström
Recorded by Markus Vainiamäki in Luovain Studio, Helsinki, Finland
David vocals recorded in Auckland, NZ by Evan Cooper

Music mixed by Markus Vainiamäki, except track 3 by Teropekka Virtanen and tracks 8 & 10 mixed by Tipi Tuovinen Mastered by Jaakko Virtalähde/Virtalähde Mastering, Kuhmoinen

Cover art by Samuel Raikkonen/FATHER
Photos by Lynette Eaton in Auckland, NZ

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Start of something New

For baby Eino
Featuring Nelli Petro

Music by Anders Liljeström
Words by Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris
© 2011 Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris (Teosto Finland)

For the first time I gt to see your eyes
Now I cry tears of joy for you
I’ll be there for you taking care of you
Whenever you need me I’ll be there

Ev’ry little thing you do
Is a dream come true for me

This is the start of something new
I’m already loving you
Baby boy, you and I
This is the start of a family tree
You’re the little branch under me
Baby boy, you and I

Whether sun or rain, and all of your growing pain
My loving hands always there for you
For your destiny you’ll get the best of me
Where-ever you’re heading to I’ll be there

Ev’ry little step you take
Is a giant leap we make

Caledonia Girl

To the ‘Glasgow pearl’

Music and words by David Lyle Morris
© 2009 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ (PRS UK)

Caledonia Girl, always stay at my right hand
Precious Glasgow pearl, now shining in the sand

Came early to this world
They healed her eyes and feet
Taken from her mum
The Scottish lassies beat
Papa worked the ships
He drank and fought his way
‘Find peace with living God’!
The prophets voice did say

She struggles with her sleep
Ne’er suffers fools with joy
Challenges the proud
Loves her cherished boys
She hears the voice of God
His whispers in the wind
Blessed with healing hands
God’s myst’ries understand

The outcast finds a home
The voiceless have a cause
The deaf a listening ear
Broken hearts find comfort here

Her tears fall from the sky
Take leave her native land
To forge far afield
Nurture our own clan
The pipes will call her home
She’ll leave this broken world
She’ll dance in to the night
On heaven’s wings she rides

I Will Be Holding Your Hand

For my darling wife Liz
Featuring Nina Åström


Music by Anders Liljeström & Markus Vainiamäki
Words by David Lyle Morris & Anders Liljeström
© 2011 Anders Liljeström, Markus Vainiamäki & David Lyle Morris
(Teosto Finland)

Love dance with me
I will be holding your hand
Moonlight over sea
I will be holding your hand

Even if the sky is falling down
Rest assured I’ll be solid ground
Even if your world may break apart
Carry your pain here in my heart
If the sun refuse to shine
All of your burdens, will be mine
If the clouds withhold the rain
I’ll catch your tears again and again

Moonlight on the floor
I will be holding your hand
Through hospital ward
I will be holding your hand

Seasons come and go
Drive through wind and snow

Desired Haven

Dedicated to all rebuilding after the earthquake in Christchurch NZ

Music and words by David Lyle Morris
© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ (PRS UK)

Crying out forlorn in our trouble
Dig us out of our deep distress
Still the seething storm to a whisper
Raging waves of the sea are hushed

Drawn to our desired haven
Drowning people all need saving
Desperate for love unfailing
For the seas are calm, when the storm is gone

Finding peace at the eye of the storm
Hold our course, though we’re battered and torn
Keep our heads, when all around are losing theirs
Through gloom, darkeness, a beacon is clear

Wander hopeless in desert wastelands
Find now place where to rest our heads
Hungry, thirsty, our very lives ebb away
Let to water, our hearts are fed

Sit in darkness, deep in our dungeons
Helpless pris’ners, suff’ring in chains
Calling out, bring captives in your train
Locks break open, free once again

Open My Eyes

Music by Anders Liljeström
Words by Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris
© 2011 Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris (Teosto Finland)

When you open my eyes
I can see miles away
To a hurting world
Left in the shade

When you open my ears
I can hear the heart cries
Of a desperate world
Lost in the lies

When you open my heart
I can feel all the pain
Of a suff’ring world
Bound up in chains

When you open my mouth
I can speak for the poor
To and unjust world
Push open the doors

When you open my mind
I can then understand
In a confused world
Creation’s plan

Already Been Done

“our hearts are restless, until they rest in you.”

Music by Anders Liljeström
Words by Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris
© 2011 Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris (Teosto Finland)

You of all yes, you can save my soul
You can love and you can let me go
In your arms, AI know that I am safe
We are one, our bond we’ll never break

There’s nothing to add, or take away
No greater joy, not better place
It’s already been done

Keep me calm, and keep me safe and sound
When I feel that you are not around
Endless longing, always stop right here
What I searched for, was already near

Three Things

To inspire our faith and courage in these challenging days

Music by Anders Liljeström
Words by Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris
© 2011 Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris (Teosto Finland)

Three things I need the most
Father , son and Holy Ghost
Two more to guide me on
Love and grace, like a warm embrace
Still one thing that I ask
For a mercy that will last

Over all God rules
Over all God rules
You might not like the news?
Over all, our God rules

Three women at a tomb
Angel come say, ‘he’s left the room’
Mum and daughter cross the land
Walk for miles – feed from God’s hand
Beauty queen in quite a mess
She speak up for ‘such a time as this’

Three men stroll down the road
Open up truth long told
Two prisoners sing in chains
Earthquake come and blow the game
One martyr stoop to pray
Rocks rain in, ‘forgive’ he say

Three lives of holy fire
Won’t bow down to Kings desire
Two prophets cross alone
One walks on, one flies home
One man stumbles with a cross
Blood-stain way for all who lost

Well of Life

Dedicated to World Vision

Music by David Lyle Morris
Words by David Lyle Morris & Jussi Miettinen
© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckalnd 1149, NZ (PRS UK)

Come all you weary, find rest for your soul
At the well, well of Life
Wash dust from your feet dirt from your hands
At the well, well of Life
Channels of blessing, source of all healing
Love everlasting, heavenly rest

At the well, come to the well, draw from the well
We may be well

Though we’re unworthy, acceptance we find
At the well, well of Life
Find ease for your load, receive from his hand
At the well, well of Life
Springs of refreshment, oceans of cleansing
Floods of forgiveness, rivers of peace

Wash your face clean now, forgiveness will flow
At the well, well of Life
Cool your frustration, redemption is found
At the well, well of Life
Grace overwhelming, mercy unending
Joy ever after, favour of Christ
Endless slavation, ceaseless attraction
Sense of elation, flavour of love
Cool water, so sweet

Something Beautiful

Music and words by David Lyle Morris
© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ (PRS UK)

Your life’s a winsome song
Forever rolling sound
Major scales for triumph
Minor chords for seasons down
A wooing winning wonder
Of joyous harmony
Your life’s a winsome song
The chart eternity

Your life’s a masterpiece
Remains in pride of place
Bright splash of vibrant hues for joy
Brooding colours, times of grace
Great depth of hidden meaning
We gaze with grave intent
Your life’s a masterpiece
An artist not through yet

Your life;s astounding scripture
Stands so tall and strong
People ask, sat at your feet
How you weathered many storms
Resolute ‘gainst wind and rain
Blistered by the sun
Your life’s astounding scripture
Everything guides us on

Loving hands make
something beautiful

Our lives a breathless poem
We recite in silent awe
Rhymes catch cadence of our plan
Deep meaning, open doors
Here no full stops end each line
We craft our stanzas on
Our lives a breathless poem
The peace that we are one

Our lives are heaven’s tapestry
A weavers’ work of love
Behind the tangled threads of pain
Pure beauty forms above
We saw our unique strands
To this miracle pastiche
Our lives are heaven’s tapestry
Of many colours rich

Our lives forever bonded
Our separate roads entwine
We grieve the times of brokenness
Yet grasp the ties that bind

When Love Lies Broken

There is a hope in the face of despair

Music by Markus Vainiamäki & David Lyle Morris
Words by David Lyle Morris
© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655, Newmarket, Auckalnd 1149, NZ (PRS UK)

When love lies broken
Splintered fragments on the floor
Lovingly gather scatter pieces
Our shattered hearts restore

Pour all to gaping wounds
Speak peace where we’re torn apart
Breathe life to bone-dry spirits
Bring balm to battered hearts

There’s hope in the face of despair
There’s light in the death of night
There’s future when all is destroyed
There is faithfulness where trust betrayed

Be comfort to confused feelings
Set fractious minds at rest
Speak forgiveness to our every woe
and save us from our foes

When we stagger, stumble
Back from the strife and the wage of war
We come to the God of the second chance
Lord of the open door


A lullaby to encourage us to surrender to the everlasting arms!

Music by Anders Liljeström
Words by Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris
© 2011 Anders Liljeström and David Lyle Morris (Teosto Finland)

Though I’m alone, I’m not feeling lonely
Straight to the bone, your love has cut me
The water is wide, I can hear it calling
I’m taking a dive, into arms of healing

Endlessly in your arms, I could stay right here
Your love is unfailing, your love is unfailing

I’m used to the weight, on my shoulders
But you give me grace, when I’m tired and broken
Wind whispers round, lullabies of sea breeze
Such a beautiful sound, all this rest you give me

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