Hey, David here for the first time! Thanks to Mike Burn for all the help so far.

Just wanted to bring you up to speed on the new album material. We are recording 2 songs, the sheet music for which are on this site.

‘Who can separate us’ (Romans 8)has been a feature of our live set for 10 years, and is finally making an album! We are also planning to record again ‘Father we dedicate our lives (Now arise God)’ based on Solomon’s prayer of dedication, which previously featured on ‘Live in Ireland’.

We are recording ‘Drawn from every tribe (Revelation7)’ written with Faith Forster for Kingsway in 2000, which speaks of the nations and martyrs coming before the Lamb. there is  rocking arrangement from producer Wayne Huirua.

The new material features a song from Ps 91 ‘We live in the shelter (God who we trust)’ and a number of other songs touching on finding hope and trust in Jesus through suffering and trials.

Pray for us toward the 17 march live night – choir, band, string quartet, technical crew. May it be blessed!

see you soon,


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