I am so looking forward to my first visit to Japan, to sing and watch some rugby in October.

I’m being very kindly hosted by Lauri Palmu, a good friend of many Finnish friends of ours in Kobe, the home of wagyu beef and Dan Carter! See what I did there?!

Text on the church Facebook page translation:

This is looking forward to it!
On October 16th, Mr. Morris will be coming from New Zealand and will have a concert!
Nice voice and guitar.
Welcome to many !


21-25 October

Tour with my life-long German friend Gerd and his family.

Monday 21 October


Tuesday 22 October


Wednesday 23 October


Thursday 24 October

Naoshima Island

Friday 25 October

Travel back to Tokyo area

Saturday 26 October

Yokohama Evening Semi final – NZ vs England

Sunday 27 October

Possibly sing again at Grace City Church Tokyo 2pm service, TBC.

Then attend quarterfinal evening (South Africa v Wales game)

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