Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your amazing support and prayer for Liz

And for my tour to Singapore and Finland

Liz is ok, and not having any further immediate treatment at the moment for her lymphoma. It is a journey ahead – please do keep praying for her complete healing thanks

Feedback from 2 tours

1. David and Finlay South Island NZ trip

Watched 2 Scotland Rugby World Cup games in Invercargill – brilliant fun!


Balfour church Sunday morning – spoke and led worship(Team workshop Sat) super deep time

Invercargill – St Andrews 5pm youth service – sang and spoke to an amazing group of young Polynesian kids

Invercargill – Knox church – men’s outreach concert night. David and Finlay and great buddy Jeff Rea played some Scots classics and DLM material!

Hosted on 2 farms with the Reas and Elders – yay – thanks guys!

Dunedin – East Taeri pres  service (team workshop Sat) led with their team and Finlay – powerful worship time

2. Finland and Singapore

Best ever ministry trip in so many ways

Finland – did a big road trip on the first weekend

Seinajoki -2 Jarmo’s and Jemina played so well with us

Free flowing worship time and super version of Finlandia

Jarmo’s parents and sister’s family came

Joensuu -2 gigs at Gospel festival -African guys helped to break out the dancing in both meetings!

A number of key town and business leaders were touched

Helsinki – Host family the Pouttu’s were so kind to me again

Played with some of the band from last 2 years – cello, percussion and vocals

Beautiful and powerful worship time

Titta and friend danced so beautifully.

Hameenlinna – My great friend Max M and family hosted me, and publisher Paiva (Merja
Kiitti!) were very kind as always

Max played perc and sang with me – always great to be together

Dancing broke out again and we had some amazing times around ‘Amazing grace’
and a U2 song Psalm 40

Radio Dei – national Christian radio – good friend Kirsi really open doors for our ministry

Really productive interview, and they played 4 songs Devotion incl ‘Your kindness calls to repentance’


Started an exciting new project with Anders and Manku – more a singer/songwriter/band album

Incl Caledonia Girl (written for Liz for our 20th), Tapestry now called ‘Something beautiful’, ‘Desired haven’, ‘Well of life’, ‘When love lies broken’ – will get some lyrics to you soon

Other songs like ‘Love and let go’ are also needing to be recorded – God is really pulling a lot out of us, as ever when things seem the most challenging!!

Singapore – fantastic worship weekend with a new bunch of friends

Band – massive group of great young people who were a delight to work with

Dancers – a group of 4 women were such a blessing

A professional dancer in training, stunningly interpreted ‘Stolen Years’
Joel 2 – wow!!

Response times were powerful, and even senior pastor responded at the end of meetings.

Delight to walk and play over people throughout the weekend

Sold a good number of the Cds, which were all signed – love the Singaporeans enthusiasm!

Integrity Asia have been so helpful and insightful in opening doors for our ministry – thanks guys!

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