Hey David,

Wanted to send you some thoughts on your new album.

I got a good chance to digest it over the last week or two while I was ensconced painting ceilings in our house as we renovate.

I love the opening track ‘Start of something new’- I definitely connect with it regarding my growing relationship with our wee Sam (just turned 2 last weekend!)

Caledonia girl is such a great track, the instrumentation sounds so full – such a classy sounding arrangement. Great vocal line too.

There are some really uplifting melodies throughout – songs that feel like you’ve known them for years and years, yet you’re only hearing them for the first time! Like ‘I will be holding your hand’ and ‘When love lies broken’ – there’s a timeless quality to them.

One thing that struck me was the ability of some songs, like ‘Desired Haven’, to create really strong images in my mind – the music seemed to conjure very vivid visuals for me – which I think has a lot to do with the arrangement and production, the soundscape you’ve created. ‘Open my eyes’ is similar really. Speaking of Open my eyes, the electric playing on this album is absolutely inspired. Really tasteful. Love the vocal only part of this song too – very brave to have nothing but your naked vocal there, but then it sounds great so what’s the risk! 😉

‘Three things’ got me thinking about how the Blues tradition might actually help us recover the lost lament tradition – it lends itself to more heartfelt pleas, more confrontation – this song really opened this genre up to my imagination. I think there’s a lot of exploration to be done here.

‘Well of life’ is a real delight. It makes me happy to listen to it. You can hear your joy coming through so clearly. The title track ‘Endlessly’ is a bit like that too – the instrumentation seems to put a bounce in your step. It leaves me smiling.

As a whole, the album is such a great piece of art David. Congratulations mate – I hope you’re stoked.

Anyway, just wanted to send you some thoughts and reflections on the album

Blessings, Malcs

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