Euro trip

David is so excited to be taking the new album and songs to his old hunting grounds in Europe

19 July to 17 August
London – catch up friends/colleagues 3 days (20 to 22 July)

Ireland – 1 week, (23 to 30 July) catch up friends, church ministry at Castle Rock

visit New Horizon event where recorded ‘Live in Ireland’ CD,
and led worship 5 previous years

Finland – 2 weeks, (30 July to 12 Aug) catch up Max Maetoloa and family,
‘Urban Dream’ Helsinki mission with Jussi Miettinen
Germany – 2 days, catch up friend Berlin
Please call or text me on UK mobile 00 44 798 65 62 794
(NZ mobile is a back up for emergencies, will receive texts  00 64 27 607 1060)
Will just pass through Hong Kong this time, but have made good contact for next visit

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