David Lyle Morris NEW LIVE ALBUM 2007

‘Trust’ based on Psalm 91

This is David’s 10th album but the first recorded in his homeland of NZ. All the songs have been written by David and friends, and the strongest theme is how we find an expression of worship in the dark place, and in times of trial and suffering. The songs have been written in the context of 3 years of ministry at St Georges Epsom, and in David’s travels in ministry throughout NZ and overseas.

Track Listing and song themes/references

  1. Glory to God our Father 2 Corinthians 1
    Why we suffer, and how our comfort can overflow to others lives. Inspired by our friends David and Jane Peters, soon to release their first book on how to find hope in Jesus through suffering.
  2. We live in the shelter (God who we trust) Ps 91
    The theme song for the album, with a haunting refrain, featuring Wayne Huirua’s playing and production, our choir and cellist Alex Smart. Written in Nelson at a time when David’s wife Liz was facing very concerning health issues.
  3. As long as I may live (I will only love my Lord)
    One of the most popular songs we have used live from the album so far, with its simple answer phrase ‘I will only love my Lord’. Based on the worship of the Chinese prisoner in ‘The Heavenly man’ book, who found he was strengthened by singing the Word of God as he was imprisoned.
  4. Drawn from every tribe ( Revelation 7)
    An anthem based on the throne room worship of every tribe and tongue before the throne of God in Revelation. Written with our mentor Faith Forster in Ichthus London. She helped Liz very much with her book ‘A time to wait’.
  5. Prayer DLM
  6. We offer you our lives
    A responsive song to Christ’s sacrifice and suffering. Beautiful work from the choir and string section.
  7. Rescue the perishing
    A new version of the great Fanny Crosby hymn. Inspired by the lives of Mother Theresa and Jackie Pullinger. Sterling work from Steve Voisey (producer of Cindy Ruakere) on guitar!
  8. There was a boy (One true God) feat. Wayne Huirua
    A story of Jesus’ life in a modern hymn format, featuring Wayne’s beautiful acoustic guitar playing and David’s vocal all taken in one pass!
  9. Jesus Christ the Holy One
    David often teaches on worship from Ps 22, and wanted to write a song that captures some of the aspects of all generations and peoples coming to Jesus, promised in the Psalm.
  10. Prayer DLM Psalm 22
  11. The joy of the Lord
    David wanted to develop a song based around these well-known verses, but in the context of Hebrew culture and with the sense of repentance, we find in Nehemiah 8.
  12. Father we dedicate our lives (Now arise God)
    A hymn previously recorded on the ‘Live in Ireland’ album which is based on Solomon’s prayer of dedication. Seems to particularly ring a bell for our nation of NZ. Has also been used in Fiji, Finland and Ireland where nation unity and repentance are key issues.
  13. Love is patient – 1 Corinthians 13
    David wanted to write a corporate song which encapsulates the themes of love from this well-known scripture. The concept is that we can sing to God, as He is ‘Love’, but also sing about ‘Love’ as we aspire to the characteristics of love that are fleshed out in this passage.
  14. Before our God (We in Christ are one) Galatians 3
    David was inspired by the teaching of Mark Strom in the area of our genuine oneness in the New Covenant. Written while David was in Fiji in June 06.
  15. Unity Prayer Liz Morris
    Liz is David’s Scottish wife and integral to their ministry as a family and within Restore Trust. She ahs a strong calling to the prophetic and healing in Jesus.
  16. Who can separate us? Romans 8
    A ministry song which has been in David’s live set for many years where the band often minister in amongst the people.
  17. Instrumental Epilogue
    David’s team of musicians love to explore the area of ministry through music, the power of instrumental music played under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to touch hearts and lives and bring healing. We wanted to reflect this in allowing the ‘tape to roll’ as we played out this song. Features our flautist Lynette Eaton and the string section.
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