Aurora Wonder – Video

We are so excited to bring you a taster of our latest album Aurora Wonder, with the title track Aurora Wonder (Northern lights)! Last year we went right up north in Finland, to Lapland, to chase the Aurora and record our new set of songs, following on from our last release ‘Northland’. You will see here the beautiful snowbound chapel we used to lay down 11 songs again featuring co-writes with our phenomenal partner – master luthier and genius songwriter Anders Liljeström, expressing some of the exacting tolls of the health challenges and loss of precious loved ones we experienced over the last 4 years.

The great Teemu Viinikainen is again on guitars, along with Anders, and also our band comedian and chef Matti Rantala is on bass. Producer Manku Vainiomäki expertly leads our journey again, and his portable drum kit works a treat, with the bass drum being his suitcase! Talk about a multi-tasked?!

Enjoy! The journey is greater than the destination. We continue to seek God’s miraculous light in deep darkness…