DLM new acoustic album Devotion for New Year 2011 release

DLM new acoustic album Devotion for New Year 2011 release

Thrilled with how the new album is progressing, despite delays for health and August world tour!

The Finn band have added some superb strings and other tasty bits. Evan Cooper and I are heading for the mix in November. Will keep you posted on the release date in the New Year.

Here is the lyric of ‘Stolen Years’ from Joel 2 which has had strong reaction throughout NZ and Finland. Appreciate your prayers as we complete this special project.

On ya David

Stolen Years

Return to me with all your heart, for I am gracious, compassionate
Slow to anger, abounding in love
Autumn rain, and in the spring, abundant showers, I will bring
Good grain, new wine, pure oil for your soul

I will repay the stolen years
Soothing balm for all your fears
Wipe away every tear

I will repay the stolen years
Sweetest of music to your ears
Through your gloom light appears

I pour out my Spirit while, your sons and daughters prophecy
Old men dream their dreams, young men see visions
I pour out my Spirit now, on men and women I will shower
Wonders in the heavens, and on earth

Everyone, call on the name of the Lord, and be saved (rpt twice)
By my mercy, I will do great things

Return to your stronghold, all you prisoners of hope (rpt twice)
Twice as much, will I restore to you

David Lyle Morris and David Peters
©2009 Tevita Music
Po Box 99655 Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ