Finland and Hong Kong Tour April 2015

Finland and Hong Kong Tour April 2015

David will travel to Finland in April to continue to promote the latest release ‘Northland’


Saturday 4 AprilEASTER SATURDAY SERVICE – Satama Church
With Jarmo Sormunen at 4.30pm

David and acoustic band lead worship, perform some songs and Jarmo will interview David about the meaning of Easter. We will use a brand new Easter Resurrection Praise song ‘He’s alive’!
All songs and spoken words will be translated to Finnish. No formal sermon
Great to invite friends to!


Sunday 5 AprilEASTER SUNDAY SERVICE – Free Church
With Max Maetoloa at 1PM

David and acoustic band lead worship and perform some songs in English speaking service
No formal sermon. Great to invite friends to!


with Nick Chan (NZ) on percussion

KESKI SUOMI – Middle Finland

Wednesday 8 April: Ilmajoki
Breakfast meeting for entrepreneurs at 07.15-09.00 in Ravintola Kestikartano.
David and Nick perform some songs


Concert in Palosaari Church at 19.00-20.30
David and Nick perform some songs and lead worship

Thursday 9 April: Vaasa
Breakfast meeting for entrepreneurs at 07.15-09.00 in Fondis.
David and Nick perform some songs


Tornava Church concert at 18.00-19.30
David and Nick perform some songs and lead worship

Friday 10th April: Seinäjoki
Breakfast meeting for entrepreneurs at 07.15-09.00 in Hotel Alma

Wed 15 Acoustic gig Anders shop evening tbc?
Luotsikatu 5, Helsinki

Sat 18 – OPKO acoustic seminar and concert with Jussi Miettinen near Lohja
Time and details tbc

Sun 19 – One way mission in Helsinki – 12 noon church service – tbc?

HONG KONG with Seb Harris (NZ)

Ministry with Juri Veikkola –Thurs 23 to Mon 27 April
Details tbc

Finland and Hong Kong Tour April 2015

Finland tour reports: Nov 2013 and June 2014

1. Finland November 2013 tour Endlessly CD

The November tour started with a flight North to Oulu with a great band – so much fun to start playing the Endlessly songs again with the band

Radio Dei event in a cathedral in Helsinki – Endlessly songs again were the feature as we reunited with Teemu Viinikainen on guitar for an unforgettable night in such a beautiful venue

Kokkola– small band, Nina Astrom joined us for another smaller celebration of Radio Dei’s birthday – 3 languages flowed seamlessly

Seinajoki – Pentecostal church night service – delayed radio coverage of our small acoustic band – we always have such profound free times of worship in this setting

Sastamala  – Manku home church – full band, was wonderful to share our songs with manku’s family and friends

Jyvaskyla – Jarmo Sormunen’s church 4.30pm – combined band for worship was awesome and Jarmo S made an interview with me to flesh out our passion for worship. A super response from this thriving new church

Joensuu – Russian border – small band, powerful night in this remote town that loves visitors and is passionate about music. A staff member joined us on cello which was fab esoecially on ‘We in Christ are one’

Recording: Northland album

When I was touring Finland in November 2013, we grabbed 2 days in Manku’s (Markus Vainiomaki) Helsinki studio. We had a ball recording 13 songs, including current live favourite song ‘I am yours'( based on the final days of Dietrich Bonhoeffer), an a bunch of new blues numbers. The band totally rocked. The most amazing 2 days recording I have ever known!

This our 15th album – it opens with Music in me’  a rocker I wrote at Marty Crowe’s batch, looking back on my 50 years, and how Jesus and the wonderful music and people in my life, have shaped who I am.

Can’t wait for you to hear the band an especially Teemu Viinikainen’s astounding blues and acoustic playing. Wait til you hear the stonking guitar on ‘What goes up’, ‘Relentless’ and ‘Somewhere, someone’ co-written by Anders Liljestrom. 10 of the songs are co-writes, Anders is such a great writer and luthier, with the other 3 songs that I bought to the table pretty much complete and road tested in Thames and Newmarket. Anders songs ‘Wonder why’ and ‘Bluebird’ are absolute tear jerkers!

2. The June 2014 tour to launch ‘Northland’

Dei Festival in Seinajoki

David and band played outdoor at Radio Dei’s big summer celebration

Olli Helenius came as a one-off on drums and rocked! Wonder why – our song to remember Amanda Pouttu who lived for one day on earth, was incredibly special to sing on her birthday – 24 years on! Caught up with Juri Veikkola and family on holiday from Hong Kong and planned my April 2015 visit there

IsoKirja’s Midsummer Conference in Keuru

Thur’s evening concert at the main tent with Nina Astrom   – wonderful to attend this large Pentecostal summer camp for the 1st time

It was a cold night but we really rocked ‘Well of life’ with a visiting African pastor

Friday evening English worship session in youth tent with 1000 young people – this was such a blast as I challenged the ‘Pente’s’ not to lose their roots in the Holy Spirit and passionate joyful worship! Israel Houghton followed on from us in the main tent that night!

New album ‘Northland’ launch gig with Olli Helenius acoustic support

Sture 21 pub Helsinki. It was a joy to rock out with Teemu just as he returned from playing in Aussie! One of those rare chances to play the whole album through and feel te power of the songs in spirit and music and message


Great to grab some time with Anders again to begin writing some new material. We have some more songs in the mode of the last 2 albums (blues etc) and some new worship oriented material on the boil. Please pray for the right direction ahead, especially as we meet up again in April 2015 and plan the way ahead. What a super partnership along with Manku in production.

Finland tour 2014

Finland tour 2014

Excited to be returning to Finland in June 2014, after a super tour in November 2013, when we started recording our new album to follow up ‘Endlessly’.

Come and see our super band and hear the new album!

1. Saturday 14 June Dei Festival in Seinajoki

David and band play at 4pm at Radio Dei’s big summer celebration

2.  IsoKirja’s Midsummer Conference in Keuru

Thurs 19 June – 7pm concert at Keuruu event with Nina Astrom  

Friday 20 June – 5pm English worship session

3. New album launch gig with Olli Helenius

Sture 21 Helsinki 7pm we will ahve a party to celebrate the new album, and play all the songs with the full band! You have got to be there!

Finland tour 2014

Dates for 2013

David is currently working on his 15th album with friends in Finland. He plans to record it over there in November 2013


Dates for Finland in November 2013 so far

Oulu Friday 1 November


Evening starts at 18.00

DLM set at 19.15 for 45 minutes

Karjasillan kirkko
Nokelantie 39
90150 Oulu

Helsinki Sunday 3 November

12.00 One Way Mission church service

16.00 Radio Dei event

Kallio church

Itäinen Papinkatu 2, 00530 Helsinki

Kokkola Tuesday 5 November

Gig 18.00 with Nina Astrom

venue tbc

Seinajoki Wednesday 6 November

19.00 Pentecostal church night service

Sastamala Friday 8 November

Evening concert

Varikonkatu 10
38200 Sastamala

time  tbc

Jyvaskyla Saturday 9 November

Jarmo Sormunen’s church 4.30pm worship service

Joensuu Sunday 10 November

Pielesensuun seurakunta – 4pm worship service