First week of Japan 2019 Tour

First week of Japan 2019 Tour

I am so looking forward to my first visit to Japan, to sing and watch some rugby in October.

I’m being very kindly hosted by Lauri Palmu, a good friend of many Finnish friends of ours in Kobe, the home of wagyu beef and Dan Carter! See what I did there?!

Text on the church Facebook page translation:

This is looking forward to it!
On October 16th, Mr. Morris will be coming from New Zealand and will have a concert!
Nice voice and guitar.
Welcome to many !


Wednesday 16 October

Evening solo concert at host Lauri church near Kobe. The concert details are on the Facebook advert. We have translated 3 of our songs to Japanese, so guests can follow the meaning on the screen.

South Nishinomiya Evangelical Lutheran Church
11-17 Kubo-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, 662-0927


‘Tada shu o Aisu’

As long as I may live (I will only love my Lord) ‘Tada shu o Aisu’ in Japanese. Based on Brother Yun’s prison poem from ‘The heavenly man’ book.

Watch an interview with Brother Yun.


'Stolen Years'

‘Stolen Years’  (Joel 2) was originally dedicated to the Christchurch earthquakes and the Japanese Tsunami, latterly to mate Martin Crowe


‘I am yours ’

‘I am yours’ is based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer prison poem from jail in Germany 1945/6. My father was a prisoner in Germany at the same time…

Thursday 17 October

Hiroshima – overnight to visit to peace museum and memorials.

My father was a peacekeeper there in 1946 with the NZ army called ‘J force’, and he was hugely impacted by the aftermath of the bomb, and the incredible resilience of the people to rebuild…

Saturday 19 October

Train to Yokohama attend quarter-final (NZ v Ireland Rugby World Cup game)

Sunday 20 October

Sing in communion at Grace City Church Tokyo 2pm service, USA missionary family hosting, pm me if you need the address?

Then attend quarterfinal evening (South Africa v Japan game)