Life Story



A story of love, of life, of the loss of his homeland New Zealand and his friends in other far-flung countries.

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  1. The people who walk in darkness
  2. Jesus King of the ages
  3. Hosanna, God’s children sing
  4. Surely our God (Revealer of mysteries)
  5. Love, joy, peace (The fruit of the Spirit)
  6. Guide me (hymn)
  7. Let us run with perseverance
  8. All the way my saviour leads me
  9. His name, his name (Finlandia)
  10. Jesus all for Jesus
  11. Sing praises to our God
  12. Blessed are the poor in spirit (The Beatitudes)
  13. Alleluia, alleluia, Jesus is the Lord
  14. God is our Father (The kingdom of heaven our goal)
  15. Holy Spirit of God
  16. Be strong in the Lord
  17. Lord draw me closer
  18. Songs in the night
  19. Just say the word