Endlessly album review by Chris Geldard 2013

by david on February 20, 2014

Album Review: David Lyle Morris ‘Endlessly’ by Chris Geldard

David Lyle Morris ‘Endlessly’

When did music lose it’s innocence?

Sure there have always been streams of the music industry that have been pushing the boundaries and that’s great but doesn’t it seem that everything has just been condensed down to love and hate?
It’s like we have taken the prized bull and boiled it up until all we have is an Oxo cube… do we really want beef stock rather than the bull itself?

To a point we can expect that from the secular music industry… cliche after cliche, remix after remix of a song that used to be famous when people still used to play music and sing music as if it was a craft that was about connecting people rather than just making a quick buck… with the sole focus to make people famous.
I can understand that from the secular music industry… but when did our church music become so obvious and bland?

I’ve listened to Kiwi singer/songwriter and worship leader David Lyle Morris for a couple of years now… and the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘innocence’.
David has this amazing ability to craft songs that would have stood along side the great artist such as Air Supply, James Taylor and Carole King.
His writing is honest, it’s heart felt, it’s thoughtful and with the fear of sounding condescending I am tempted to use the word ‘sweet’.
In fact the first time I saw him lead worship with just an acoustic guitar, I closed my eyes and I could almost imagine what it might have been like to worship with King David (if he played a guitar not a harp!)… there is a real authenticity that some people try to mimic but that you just can’t fake, and when you are around David Lyle Morris you just know that his heart is to help turn your eyes to God.

The album ‘Endlessly’ is a well crafted album and the album starts with ‘Start of something new’ a song for his  co-writer Anders Liljestrom’s boy Eino.
It’s a really honest song talking about the excitement and the forward looking nature of a Dad excited to share in the first moments with his son and the legacy that the Father wants the son to take up… Lines like “This is the start of a family tree, you’re the little branch under me” show the simplicity of David and Andrers’ lyrics while at the same time casts great imagery.

In fact this album is full of so much imagery, and not in a daunting and heavy way but in a way that helps you relate with the song. In fact it really enhances the songs. Songs like ‘Caledonia Girl’ reminds me of James Taylor… the story telling, the melodic way that the music draws you into the story.

Endlessly is an honest album… Songs like ‘Open my eyes’ really start to show case the pureness of David’s vocals and the team around him just gently push, and nudge the song to enhance its colour.

Do you know what an album sounds like when you can tell that each instrument and layer and nuance of the song is there to make the other instruments sound better?.. it sounds like ‘Endlessly’.

It’s full of space… it’s full of meaning… it’s uncluttered and real.

Maybe David Lyle Morris is New Zealand’s own shepherd worship leader?
Maybe David is our new contemporary version of David the shepherd boy?




When I was touring Finland in November 2013, we grabbed 2 days in Manku’s (Markus Vainiomaki) Helsinki studio. We had a ball recording 13 songs, including current live favourite song ‘I am yours’( based on the final days of Dietrich Bonhoeffer), an a bunch of new blues numbers. The band totally rocked. We are finishing off the album to have it ready for June in Finland and August in NZ.

This our 15th album has a working title of ‘Music in me’ based on a rocker I wrote at Marty Crowe’s batch, looking back on my 50 years, and how Jesus and the wonderful music and people in my life, have shaped who I am.

Can’t wait for you to hear the band an especially Teemu Viinikainen’s astounding blues and acoustic playing. Wait til you hear the stonking guitar on ‘What goes up’, ‘Relentless’ and ‘Somewhere, someone’ co-written by Anders Liljestrom. 10 of the songs are co-writes, Anders is such a great writer an luthier, with the other 3 that I bought to the table pretty much complete and road tested in Thames and newmarket. Anders song ‘Bluebird’ is an absolute tear jerker!

If you’re a kiwi – pencil Saturday 9 August in the evening for a launch concert at The Upper Room, Newmarket, Auckland.

Appreciate your prayers and support to see this baby birthed!

God bless you




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Download the flyer (.pdf) Order the CD – NZD 20.00 + 5.00 shipping – click the button below for secure ordering via Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account)

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