New DLM album ‘Endlessly’ and Finland tour 2012

by David Lyle Morris on June 1, 2012

The exciting new singer/songwriter album ‘Endlessly’– a partnership with special friends in Finland is to be launched in Finland in July 2012
David has recorded vocals here in NZ – instruments played in Helsinki – a global recording!

We are in the last days of recording in Finland this week
Small string section being recorded today!!
Final mixing over next few days, and then mastering is Wed 6th June
We need the artwork for the cover, and pressing of Cds to go well over the next few weeks
We will launch the album in Finland in July, and in NZ on Sat 1 September (Newmarket, Auckland – plan to come!)

Anders and Manku – our partners in this album – have been amazing in their writing, playing and production

Teemu Viinikainen – who is a new friend and a leading jazz/blues player in the nation, has brought so much freshness to this recording, and will be so inspirational on the live concerts

 The songs are a mixture of blues, rock and acoustic

‘Well of life’ is a blues song which links with my Water Engineering in the past, and work with World Vision…
‘Desired haven’ is a haunting rock song based on Psalm 107
lyrics below

David needs prayer for divine inspiration and strength and protection for a full-on tour!! Great
Highlight dates here for you diary

FINLAND – based in Helsinki area with wonderful friend and host Jarmo and family
Wonderful mix of opportunities, with more gigs and media possible

Fri 29 Jun – Rehearsals
Sat 30 Jun – Hameenlinna – Paiva event with small band incl Max
Sun 1 July – Helsinki – Salem Pentecostal church with big band tbc?

Wed 4th – Helsinki – Radio Dei (national Christian radio) 1 hours live on radio from their studio
Thurs 5th – Helsinki – Old Church in centre – evening small band event

Sat 7th July – Pietasaari (Road trip 1 – 6 hours) Radio Dei festival – big band, launch new album
Fantastic line-up of bands incl great friend Nina Astrom, who guests on our album
Wed 11th – Seinajoki (Road trip 2 – 4 hours) Pentecostal church event with small band incl Jarmo S
Had wonderful time there last year, real joy of praise and flow of worship

Sat 14th – Helsinki – 2nd album launch event details tbc
Sun 15th – Helsinki – churches – am One Way Mission tbc, pm Suhe

Mon 16th – Pori Jazz (Road trip 3 – 3 hours) Big band play at the big mainstream summer music festival
Where headline act is Norah Jones – Teemu our guitarist is well known at this event

SINGAPORE – 20 to 22 July – details of ministry to be finalised

Well of Life     

Come all you weary, find rest for your soul

At the well, well of Life

Wash dust from your feet, dirt from your hands

At the well, well of Life

Channels of blessing, source of all healing

Love everlasting, heavenly rest

At the well, come to the well, draw from the well

We may be well

Though we’re unworthy, acceptance we find

At the well, well of Life

Find ease for your load, receive from his hand

At the well, well of Life

Springs of refreshment, oceans of cleansing

Floods of forgiveness, rivers of peace 

Wash you face clean now, forgiveness will flow

At the well, well of Life

Cool your frustration, redemption is found

At the well, well of Life

Grace overwhelming, mercy unending

Joy ever after, favour of Christ

Endless salvation, ceaseless attraction

Sense of elation, Flavour of love  

David Lyle Morris and Jussi Miettinen

©2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655 Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ

Desired haven                   Psalm 107:28-31

Crying out forlorn in our trouble

Dig us out of our deep distress

Still the seething storm to a whisper

Raging waves of the sea are hushed

                  Drawn to our desired haven

                   Drowning people all need saving

                   Desperate for a love unfailing

                   For the seas are calm, when the storm is gone

Finding peace at the eye of the storm

hold our course, though we’re battered and torn

keep our heads, when all around are losing theirs

Through gloom, darkness a beacon is clear

Wander hopeless in desert wastelands

Find no place where to rest our heads

Hungry, thirsty, our very lives ebb away

Led to water, our hearts are fed 

Sit in darkness, deep in our dungeons

Helpless pris’ners, suff’ring in chains

Calling out, bring captives in your train

Locks break open, free once again  

David Lyle Morris

© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655 Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ

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