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David Lyle Morris is a New Zealand singer, songwriter and worship leader, who is based back home in NZ, after being in the UK for 15 years.

David grew up in a NZ military family and lived in the USA, Fiji and the UK during his childhood. He developed a love for people, their music and sport through these experiences, and through his fieldwork experience on drinking water supply in the remote islands of Fiji. David loves languages and is learning te reo Maori as part of his commitment to the Restore Trust mission in New Zealand.

David has worked as a concert performer, worship leader and session singer in many countries. He is best known for his work alongside worship leaders including Robin Mark, Graham Kendrick, Darlene Zschech and Gloria Gaynor. He has recorded 14 albums, including live worship recordings from London, ‘Jesus King of the Ages’ and ‘Live in Ireland’ recorded in Northern Ireland with a congregation of 3000.

David is worship leader at The Upper Room church in Auckland and he lectures on leading worship, training and equipping leaders around New Zealand and beyond. Finland and Singapore are regular ports of call.

For David’s work with Restore Trust, see the Restore page

Liz Morris is a champion of the ‘outsider’. She grew up in a tough part of Glasgow, Scotland. She was raised in a family firmly committed to the local Presbyterian Church where she took on leadership responsibility from an early age.

Liz and her brother were among the first students from their secondary school to go to university. She graduated in history and politics and later trained as a careers adviser. Liz has worked in the United Kingdom and New Zealand in counselling and vocational guidance with adults and many young people, including those with special needs. She used her leadership and guidance skills to manage a Christian-based training company for long-term unemployed people in South London.

Liz is now a careers counsellor in a high school in  Auckland. She has worked at a number of schools  in  low socio-economic areas and worked with many students who are Maori or of Pacific Island descent. Liz is also involved as a member and speaker at The Upper Room, Auckland.

Liz’s first book ‘A Time to Wait – Bible Insights on Trusting God’s Timing’ was published by Bible Reading Fellowship UK in 2001. She has a particular interest in spiritual gifts, especially healing.

For Liz’ work with Restore Trust, see the Restore page